Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Treatment approaches: Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)

Hear a little about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy; and how this approach conceptualises common human struggles –

Acceptance and commitment therapy is another common empirically supported treatment method; and the predominant treatment approach of Alysha Casey and Anna Suraev. Clinical trials have demonstrated that it is effective in treating depression, anxiety, stress, and substance abuse. Many aspects of ACT are also useful in helping people to overcome eating problems and body image issues.

The crucial component of ACT is letting go of the struggle to control unwanted thoughts and feelings, being mindfully aware of the present moment, and committing to a course of action that is consistent with what you value most in your life.

As part of ACT, you will learn to relate to your thoughts in a different way, using mindfulness skills to become aware of your unhelpful thinking patterns. Mindfulness skills will help you to be more in contact with the present moment, rather than getting lost in thoughts of the past or future. ACT uses a number of different strategies and techniques to enable you to change your relationship with your thoughts, allowing you to more easily let go of thinking patterns which cause you distress.


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