Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Treatment approaches: Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT)

The most common empirically supported treatment method is cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). CBT has a large body of research evidence that shows that it works. It is a practical and time-limited approach, meaning it is designed to work quickly and effectively in helping you make and sustain change. CBT focuses on three interconnected areas: thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

Recently, the Australian Psychological Society (APS) released a review of current research into CBT. It found that:

  • CBT is effective in treating most common mental health problems
  • CBT is the most effective treatment for anxiety and depression
  • CBT is feasible in terms of time and cost effectiveness
  • CBT is more effective than medication in the long-run, as people taking medication are likely to relapse when they stop taking it, whereas CBT encourages long-lasting, sustainable change


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