Being Emotionally Balanced is a Balancing Act

Being emotionally balanced really is a bit of a ‘balancing act’.

Our emotions are a big part of our daily life and learning to manage our moods and emotions really does require a lot of skills and knowledge. So if you find this area of life challenging, just so you know… its not something about you. But rather a sign that you might need some extra skill development and awareness of how to help you manage better.

A lot of people know that we need to do self-care to look after our stress levels, moods and emotions.

Self-care might be things like doing some exercise, getting enough fresh air, rest and good enough sleep, but also treating yourself every now and then. Self-care helps reduce extra emotionality and can provide a good foundation to wellbeing. However, self-care is not the same as emotional coping strategies and skills. A whole other skill set is required for regulating emotions, dealing with triggers, moods and being able to work through certain emotions, or reduce over-reacting or getting overly caught in emotion mind. We can learn to develop emotion regulation skills. Things like calming, mood-boosting and emotional releasing skills. As well as getting perspective when emotions cloud your judgments or make you misinterpret things, or soothing anger, stress, frustration and upset. Keep focused on self-care. It’s an important part of maintaining some of your emotional balance. But also it is just as important to learn about and brainstorm (ahead of time) lots of different ways that you could soothe and work with your emotions for when they come up, so that you improve emotional coping and balance over time.
Blog post by Bianca Glajz. Bianca Glajz is a Senior Clinical Psychologist at Institute for Healthy Living with a special interest in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy – a skills based approach to improving emotional balance.