Self-Care, Stress-Management and Happiness

In today’s modern world, looking after ourselves, managing our stressors, and feeling happy and calm, is truly an art (but still very practical and achievable). One of the key elements to self-care, stress-management and being happy is using purposeful intention. This is part mindfulness and part conscious intentions.

What this means is that the way to get the best effects from our actions is to do things with an intent behind them. Then engage in the action with that goal. For example, if I want to feel less stressed, I will hold an intention to release stress using an action like having a shower

. I could use the water to wash away and soothe my stress and nervous system. That means, I step into the shower and allow it to be a moment of letting go. Being soothed and releasing stress from my body, mind and emotions and really participate in the experience and sensations with that intention in mind.


“If there is no intention behind it and no mindfulness in the action, it doesn’t have as rich an effect.”

Another example, if I need some TLC or feeling like I need a bit of nurture and self-care, I will choose to do something for myself with that intention behind it. For example, I might choose to rug up in cozy clothes and blankets, burn a nice scented candle and breathe it in. Then maybe soak my feet in a warm lavender foot bath and take the nurturing feelings into my feet. Just being nurtured by the blankets and take in the feeling of treating myself.

It’s the same with happiness… If I’m needing a bit of a heart boost to lift my mood and spirits, I will turn towards something that can bring a good feeling in. This could be a heart-warming picture, the sunlight on my head, the blue sky and fresh air, a happy place in my memories, etc. The important thing to do is to have an intention and willingness to take in the good vibes from those actions. If there is no intention behind it and no mindfulness in the action, it doesn’t have as rich an effect.

So play around with this approach to see if it adds another dimension to your self-care, stress management and happiness in daily life.

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