Feeling left behind?


Finishing school or uni and you’re not sure where you’re going? Feeling left behind?

In Australia the expectation is to go straight from school, either into a full time job, apprenticeship or to university that will lead into a job.

There is so much pressure put on young people to figure out what they’re going to do with the rest of their lives. How many 15 year olds know they want to own a business or be real estate agent or teacher? I don’t know about you, but when I was 15, I was imagining walking out of my last exam of the HSC and getting discovered by some glamorous movie producer and being whisked away into Hollywood.

Knowing what you’re going to ‘be’ is a tough question, and most people don’t figure it out until well after they finish school. I’m still figuring it out (and I’m 25)! The pressure to ‘figure it out’ can make teens that don’t have a clear idea feel incredibly anxious and lost.

“why can’t I figure it out?” “Everyone else knows what they’re doing” “what’s wrong with me?”

The most important thing is to remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Sure you’re not one of those people who could figure out they wanted to be a doctor when they were an embryo, but who cares! You’re you, and you can take the journey at your own pace.

It’s never too late to decide what you want to do. Maybe you’ve never known, you rushed into a career and don’t really like it, or you had a plan but it didn’t pan out.

In the end though, having a job that pays the bills, gives you fulfilment but allows you to pursue your other interests is great too.

Ways to handle the pressure:

  • Mindfulness
  • Gratitude
  • Exercise
  • Having goals in your life not relating to your career.

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Written by Olivia Baldas – Receptionist / Admin assistant