Self-esteem and self-compassion


Self-esteem is an important part of the relationship we have with ourselves, it’s how we see our self-worth across all the different parts of our lives.

Sometimes, to improve our sense of our self-worth, we seek a boost from external sources like comparing ourselves to others, or looking to others for validation. These strategies are common but there is another way to improve and maintain your sense of self-worth; self-compassion.

Self-compassion is a mindful way of relating to ourselves that involves being open and accepting of our whole selves, the light and the shade. This practice involves:

  • Acknowledging and accepting that all people make mistakes and experience difficulties, nobody’s perfect
  • Being supportive, kind, and compassionate towards yourself, not being judgemental or critical when confronted with personal failings
  • Mindfully recognising when we are having a tough time so that we can respond to the situation, not react

When we are compassionate towards ourselves, the relationship we have with our self-worth can change. We can build and maintain a stable sense of self-esteem that is not based on external factors.


If you need help with your self-compassion or self-esteem, book in to see one of our Clinical Psychologists to start building a better relationship with yourself.


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