At our clinical psychology practice in Bondi, our mission is to provide the best possible assistance to anyone who is struggling

  1. Individualised

    We recognise that no two clients are alike and hence consider each person as unique when we understand their difficulties, and how to work through them. Our reception team can match you to the therapist best suited to your needs.

  2. Client-centered

    We are proactive in ensuring we are meeting your needs. Our treatment is focused on recognising the client as a person rather than a condition; whilst forming a strong collaboration between the client and the practitioner.

  3. Scientific

    Treatment is always informed by the latest, evidence-based research regarding the most effective modes of treatment.

  4. Practical

    We aim to empower our clients with education and skills so they can be the masters of their own health and destiny. Our aim is to help each client create real and lasting changes in their lives.

More about our services

Individual, couples and family therapy

medicare, private health, NDIS & Work Cover claiming available

Introduction to Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Group

8 week skills focused course, medicare rebates available

Mindfulness Meditation

6 week course run in the evenings; suitable for all levels

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for binge eating, emotional eating & bulimia

6 week skills course, medicare rebates available

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